Our Calendar and How to Help

Our dates for serving a meal at the Union Mission in Norfolk is always the first saturday of the month. Our meals on these dates are served at 4:30pm and volunteers are to arrive at 2:30pm for set up and meal preparation. All who wish to serve must first contact Kingdomworker by e-mail and you have to get on our e-mail list for serving. Second, if you are on our list, simply respond to monthly requests for volunteers from me. All volunteers must sign up to bring a food item from our sign-up list. Each person is asked to bring a package of men's new crew socks for donation to the men when we serve. If you do not respond you wish to serve when requested, please do not come unannounced. I confirm you are serving and the item you are bringing. Unannounced is obviously hard to plan for and I must know who is coming for safety sake.

Remember everyone must sign-up by email (see link below).

Help Support Us

We keep a few old freezers in our garage for purchased and donated meats and other goods to give to needy shut-ins and others who may not have access to assistance. We save for end of the month to take it out when they need it most. We collect new socks, wool caps and gloves for the needy and distribute where they are when we serve. We collect blankets, clothes, shoes, and most any other item you think someone living without or outside might need. We deliver to those without transportation and visit personally those living without homes to help as we can. Please contact us at our e-mail if you wish do donate items, have me come pick up items or participate with us to help otherwise. We are not a for profit or non-profit and do not request or intend to receive money for this work we do. Instead, I challenge folks to use from your own underused belongings those things such as food and clothing that the less fortunate in our community can always use.



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