At present, Kingdomworker serves the needy who come to the Union Mission for meals and those residents who stay in the facility on the first Saturday of each month. This facility has helped the needy and the displaced in the Downtown Norfolk community since 1892. I have been coming to help here for over 25 years; first, to deliver food produce gleaned from fields; and now, serving meals with our little group on the first Saturday of each month. After working with this wonderful Ministry for so many years, we feel the Holy Spirit's urging to reach out much more. In order to love my brother as Jesus commanded, I have to serve God's people in personal and hands-on ways with the Lord's leading, and I am anxious to see what the Lord has in store for our group in the years ahead here.

Many who come to the Union Mission and Family Shelter are homeless; however, the cause for this condition is not always self wrought.  The Bible tells the story of a man named Job who was wealthy and lost his family, his health, and all of his worldly goods. Job was a good man, a righteous man, yet he lost everything. Job's story is not unlike many of the homeless who come to the Union Mission for assistance. Kingdomworker has a wonderful relationship with the leadership of Union Mission and I have personally sent to them many who have been helped there.

The address and contact number for this facility are included below; however, feel free to contact Kingdomworker if you desire to serve with us here as the Lord leads. We are not a for profit or non-profit and do not receive money for this work we do. Instead, I challenge folks to use from your own underused belongings those things such as food and clothing that the less fortunate in our community can always use.

The address where we serve is the Union Mission Ministries
5100 E. Virginia Beach Blvd.
Norfolk, VA 23502
Phone: (757) 627-8686