Kingdomworker serves the needy who come to the Judeo-Christian Outreach Center for meals and those residents who stay in the facility 6 times a year. This facility has helped the needy and the displaced in the Oceanfront community for many years. I have been helping here for most of those years; first, serving meals with our home church; and now, reaching out much more in personal and hands-on ways as we have felt the Lord's leading for tour group.

Many who come to the facility are homeless and living in the woods or live in substandard housing. Accordingly, their needs are many and we have heard the call from the Holy Spirit to help them. Their feet are often wet and cold from being on the street and sleeping in the woods, so we as regularly as we can wash their feet, trim their nails, and help with minor medical aids as we are able. We are able to distribute almost weekly in cold weather new jersey gloves and wool caps, and socks. Firends drop off at my house gently used clothing and coats. I say weekly because the Holy Spirit has led me to do go there each week since I retired from working and this affords me a wonderful chance to help them face-to-face on a regular basis.

As the Lord continues to use our little group, Kingdomworker, the few donations of household items are finding their way to those who need them most. From buying food for the most needy and widows and to giving love in the bond of friendship, Kingdomworker has followed the urging of the Holy Spirit to help those in this community. I regularly visit Trailer City near the JCOC where many Hispanic and low income elderly live. Donations of meats and canned good are always welcome. Also, we have adopted their children for Christmas and school supplies assistance. Please contact Kingdomworker at my e-mail if you wish to participate or donate items. We are not a for profit or non-profit and do not receive money for this work we do. Instead, I challenge folks to use from your own underused belongings those things such as food and clothing that the less fortunate in our community can always use.

Items We Need the Most

Men's and Women's Personal Items

*Soap (prefer hotel size) *Body Powder
*Toothpaste *Toothbrushes *Deodorant
*Shampoo (regular and dandruff)
*Disposable Razors *Shaving Cream
*Hairbrushes and Combs *Wool Caps
*Seasonal Clothing (new and used)
*New Socks, Underwear and T-shirts
*Coats and Jackets (new and used, but clean) *Gloves
*Shoes and Work Boots (new and used)
*Over-the-Counter Cough, Colds
and Headache Medicines
*Foot Sprays and Powder (anti-fungal)
*Tampons and Pads
(prefer individually wrapped)

Specialty Items

*Blankets (prefer twin size, new and used)
*Tents, Tarps and Sleeping Bags
(all sizes and types, new and used)
* Bus Passes (10 trip and monthly)
*Canned Goods (pop top preferred)
*Individually Bagged Snacks
*Crackers and Easy Carry/Eat Items
*Phone Cards
*Bibles (new and used)


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